Wednesday, February 4, 2009

lean cuisine disaster

an impromptu celebration with the office on monday night made for a not-so-fun tuesday morning. in an effort to save money, i've been packing my lunch to work. however, packing lunch while hung over was not something that interested me in the least. i resorted to my emergency lunch stash: a lean cuisine.

i rarely buy lean cuisines, mostly because i would much rather cook my own food than just heat up something frozen. however, ralphs had them on sale for $1.50 each, so i decided that they would be good for emergencies. apparently, emergencies = hangovers in my book. anyway, i grabbed the lean cuisine and headed out the door.

in true hungover fashion, i couldn't stop eating all day. i gave in and heated up my lean cuisine pizza at 11:15 am.

first mistake: creamy alfredo sauce. i should never trust anything "creamy" in a frozen meal. second mistake: diet deep-dish pizza?? what was i thinking?

needless to say, the crust was flavorless (unless you count cardboard as a flavor), the sauce was weak and bland, and the only thing that made it tolerable was the copious amount of crushed red peppers i put on it and the need to shove every edible thing within arm's reach into my mouth.

lesson learned. lean cuisine, you will fool me no more!!!!

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