Sunday, February 15, 2009

weekend brunches rule

i woke up saturday morning and asked kiran what she wanted for breakfast: sweet or savory. after waffling between the two for 5 minutes, i finally made the decision for her and decided to make both! i had read a couple different recipes for egg crepes online and decided this would be a good time to try it out.

sweet or savory egg crepes

(this makes about 14-15 little crepes in a small frying pan)
3 eggs
6 tbsp water
cooking spray

for sweet:
5 tbsp granulated sugar
2 tbsp cinnamon

for savory:
filling from stuffed eggplants
shredded mozzarella

beat the eggs, water, and pinch of salt together. beat them well, until they are completely incorporated together. make sure the whites are fully mixed in. you may need to beat them while making the crepes if they start to separate.

heat a nonstick pan with medium heat. don't allow the pan to become scorching hot. spray the pan with the cooking spray before each crepe. take the pan off the heat and pour enough of the egg mixture to just coat the bottom of the pan. swirl the mixture around to coat the bottom in a thin layer with the eggs. allow to cook slowly over the medium heat. after it has solidified a little bit, carefully loosen the edges with a spatula. when the top of the egg layer looks set, shimmy the mixture in the pan and slide off onto a plate. repeat for as many times as needed to use up the remainder of the egg mixture. you may need to wipe out the pan after about 4-5 crepes.

you can them roll them up with whatever stuffing you choose. i stuffed some of them with the eggplant stuffing and shredded mozzarella and rolled them up. for the sweet ones, i mixed the cinnamon and sugar together (to make cinnamon sugar - who'da thunk it) and sprinkled it on the inside of the crepe and on top after it was rolled up. the cinnamon sugar ones were awesome because there was this great mix of salt and sweet in it.

a little labor intensive, but so good!

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